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Manufacturing - Idlers, Sprockets, Rollers


Assembly - Complete Track Systems


Cost Reduction


Idlers and Sprockets


Sejin controlled casting foundry


OEM Supply Export and Domestic


Aftermarket Supply Export and Domestic


Cross Referenced Part No. for Major OEMs


World's Largest Manufacturer for Aftermarket


USA Controlled Design, Korean Manufacturing Expertise, China Based MFG

Track Systems


Completely Assembled Ready to Weld or Bolt-on to Clients' Machine


Sejin Built Sprockets and Idlers Reduces Cost


Final Drives Sourced Globally - Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, German


Cross Member and Chassis Fabrication 


OEM and Retrofit Supply Domestic and Export


USA Controlled Marketing and Engineering, China based Assembly

track undercarriage, crawler tracks

All types of undercarriage is currently manufactured in Asia. Working with the Sejin Group means you are sourcing direct from the manufacturer of sprockets, idlers, rollers and straight from an experienced builder of tracked undercarriage assemblies. 


At the Sejin Group we eliminate extra freight and handling costs by manufacturing and assembling within Asia. These savings are passed through to our clients' bottom line. Contact us for a quote. 

Sejin's WFOE Factory Outside of Xiamen, PRC


“The Sejin Group has been great to work with. We started by using their components for our in-house built undercarriage, but have since progressed to sourcing the complete track system through Track Innovation.”

Tony P., Global Procurement

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