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Sejin Group is a manufacturer of world class undercarriage components and Track Innovation branded tracked undercarriage systems. Sejin is headquarted in the U.S. with manufacturing operations in Fujian province of China.


Sejin combines the best elements of an unique international hertiage. With US based marketing and product experience, Korean manufacturing expertise and China based manufacturing Sejin can deliver the best value products to its customers



Ed Bauer
Founder & President Sejin USA

Ed has 10 years experience in marketing for Caterpillar, Inc. and 20 years experience as founder and principle of a Caterpillar dealer joint venture undercarriage reman operation.


Lessons learned from operating the largest undercarriage rebuild shop in North America have made Sejin’s products the most innovative in the market.

Ken Kim 
Founder & President Sejin China

Ken was at the forefront of the Korean entry into the North American marketplace in the late ’90s. Ken has over 13 years experience in undercarriage manufacturing and 8 years of experience in China.


Ken’s idea of moving operations to China was visionary and allowed Sejin to establish effective operations well ahead of the competitors.

Ken lives in China with his wife Kate and son Jeffrey.

Barbara Bauer
Founder and C.F.O.

Barb has decades of financial experience working for major manufactures in the USA including Caterpillar and John Deere. She has also led the accounting and financial efforts for two independent heavy equipment companies with Ed Bauer. Barb has over 20 years of experience in this field.

Sejin Group History


The idea for Sejin began as a discussion between a Korean supplier and a USA customer. Korean undercarriage manufacturers had proven themselves in the world market as capable producers. China was opening their doors as a cost efficient factory floor. If this could be combined with a better knowledge of Western undercarriage products and markets this new company and its customers would prosper.


With this idea in mind, Ken Kim set out for China in the early millenium to set up operations in China. In these early stages it was still possible to set up a “WOFE” (wholly owned foreign enterprise) and have full control over the new company. Cultural attitudes of employess and suppliers quickly adapted and embraced the new western standards. Meanwhile in the USA, we set out to identify product improvements and expand the product line. Production would not begin until all quality improvements were in place.

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